I've been composing/producing/releasing music as KRUDLER since the beginning of 2015. So far, KRUDLER has been a solo recording project in a similar vein as THE STEVEN LASOMBRAS (but not as thematically specific). I'm venturing a little further out to explore texture and song construction, often using the modular synthesizer as a composition tool. KRUDLER releases have featured indulgent electronics, attempted metal, sloppy math, suspicious drones, pseudo-industrial baloney, and always way too many synth layers. 

We're working on the best way to present some of these songs in a live setting. For now, enjoy these quality recordings:



K-9 is a short sampler of the kind of noise textures I normally incorporate into a heavily-layered recording. When isolated, the particular quality of these sounds can really stand out.

Each piece was created with assorted pedals in a Death By Audio Total Sonic Annihilation feedback loop, or with a noise-based modular synth patch. 


This collection of instrumental pieces plays as the soundtrack to an old movie you watched too late at night. You vaguely recall the protagonist fleeing across a city, emerging from queasy darkness into hideous light with the fanfare of ambulance sirens announces their arrival to the crowds of leering ghouls. It's unclear now whether the final scenes of post-apocalyptic stillness were part of the film or something you dreamed. 

IMBECILE ended up taking two years to complete. Changing jobs, moving, other projects, AND impending fatherhood all contributed to the delay... After discovering Seaweed (albeit 20 years after the fact) and revisiting old Albini-recorded Touch & Go albums, I originally envisioned a stripped-down, earnest affair. Of course, one thing led to another, and here we are. I'm proud of how these songs turned out!









"Their Teeth Danced" was originally intended for a compilation that Klintron was putting together. (I later learned I was the only one who'd actually submitted a song. Oh well!)

Most of the sounds here were made with the EasyBeats iPhone app running through a bunch of fuzz pedals. 


My idea of a "more accessible" KRUDLER release was a collection of improvisational synthesizer pieces. 

All sounds were created with Eurorack modular synthesizer and MOOG Sub37, recorded live - plenty of edits, but no overdubs.