KRUDLER is a solo recording project for 2015. It explores some of the same sonic territory as The SLs (metal percussion, analog synthesizer, electric guitar, distortion), but in a setting that's not quite as thematically specific.

These recordings begin with modular synthesizer improvisation, then the 'song' is constructed on top of that foundation. With modular synthesis, the composer must interact (and, in a sense, collaborate) with the hardware, to find and extract hidden music together. 

So far the KRUDLER experiments have resulted in meditative drones: Frenetic noise rock: Miniature film soundtracks: Deranged 'pop': Extended modular synthesizer suites:
Kruder 'band photo', 2015

Kruder 'band photo', 2015

The other goal for this project is to complete these recordings (relatively) quickly, fussing over them for a few weeks rather than months/years. So far, so good...

Also, in case you were unaware...