All of the music I composed and produced for Warrior General Games is collected in this Bandcamp album. These pieces were all created using Propellorhead Reason and Cakewalk Sonar.


GLB2's replay music was crafted to match the Tecmo-influenced look of the replays. You can view a GLB2 replay HERE (replay video requires Flash) or stream the background tune below:

Mighty Brawlers


The MIGHTY BRAWLERS themes were more of a remix project, taking tracks from a piece of 8-bit music ( Karl Johnson's "Kung Fu Street Brawl Circa 1982"), and reconstructing it six different ways, to match the game's character classes.

Most of the sound effects for MIGHTY BRAWLERS were created (or edited) in my studio. Video of those battles unfortunately can't be embedded, but you can view a good one HERE (replay requires Flash).

For Neon Trax, I created four different versions of each theme (a full version, a simplified version, a more simplified version in a minor key, and a dissonant you're-about-to-lose version). As you play, the four energy bars fluctuate, fading between the different versions. Depending on how you do, that means you could end up hearing the full drum beat alongside the simple bass line, with synth tracks bleating your imminent death, all while dodging obstacles. 

Neon Trax is available in the iTunes app store.  

Atomic Squeeze

Atomic Squeeze was designed to feel like a swanky cocktail party, with a jazz combo playing in the corner. (In the game, these fake jazz tunes were layered with crowd noise, clinking glass, and room ambiance to complete the 'party' vibe.)  

Atomic Squeeze is available in the iTunes app store.